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Currently in the U.S there are over 10,000 diagnosed ailments and diseases, each with a prescription or procedure waiting in the wings. Since our bodies were made to self-heal, let Holistic Health by Valerie teach you an alternative route to wellness.

Our pricing starts as low as $165 for the first 60 minute consultation.

Valerie’s knowledge and her enthusiasm for her subject combine to make her an ideal nutrition coach. She knows what she’s talking about, and she communicates with clarity and compassion. She will inspire you to become a better, healthier you.

Allan Nahajewski, Managing Partner, D&A Creative Group

“Valerie cares personally about each individual.  She is patient, kind, dedicated, reliable, informative and is very understanding to one’s needs. She is a wonderful health coach.”
— Sallie


I am 10 years old, and Valerie is my hero. She literally saved my life. When she first came to my house, I was so nervous about what was going to happen. Now I look back at all those times when my family and I ate so badly, and I thank God for Valerie. I don’t know what we would do without her. – Ashley, 10.


This isn’t a fad diet; it’s a lifestyle change. My stomach issues are healed, I have lost inches, and my hair is the healthiest I have ever seen. I also have more energy now than ever before. Valerie is a great coach who truly cares about you and helping you heal. – Bess, 36.


In my quest for a healthy lifestyle I found Valerie brings nutrition for the body, peace for the mind, heart for the soul. She has a keen sense of each individual and takes the time to cater to there needs.


Whether you are trying to overcome a health issue or just trying to be the healthiest version of yourself, Valerie is your girl!  She is knowledgeable, her approach is comprehensive and her
protocol is effective!  Best of all, she practices what she preaches.  I’m so grateful that I found her!
– Cindi Carter

Cindi Carter