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Deliciously Holistic – Inspired Favorites is a clean eating cookbook for any wellness-seeking home chef. This book features healthy recipes that are simple, affordable and delicious without the use of dairy,gluten, corn or refined sugars. Through personal stories, author Valerie Penz, Certified Nutritional Therapist, encourages the reader to get into the kitchen and create something special. Penz prepares you and your kitchen with all you might need to be successful. Paired with full-page, vivid pictures of each delightful dish, this cookbook is inspiring, informative and above all else, deliciously holistic.



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This cookbook explores how to make enticing, interesting meals that are packed with nutrients without being complicated, expensive, or filled with dairy, gluten, corn, or refined sugars. With over 5 dozen recipes, the author offers a variety to choose from, with every recipe including a short snippet from the author about the recipe’s history, practicality, or purpose.

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I can see this cookbook being one I reach for again and again. There are so many recipes that I can’t wait to try. If you are a cookbook lover, and you like to cook healthy, wonderful tasting dishes that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters then yours truly recommends you add Deliciously Holistic to your collection ASAP.

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Deliciously Holistic – Inspired Favorites is written by a nutritional therapist who debunks the myths that eating well involves expense, time, or the need to consume unappetizing fare for the sake of healthy eating.

There are many healthy, natural, holistic cookbooks on the market these days; but Deliciously Holistic – Inspired Favorites stands out from most with its tested, flavor-filled dishes, mouth-watering color photos of completed dishes, ease of preparation, and an approach that combines healthier eating goals with flavors that can’t be beat.

Anyone looking to make the transition into better eating should start with Deliciously Holistic – Inspired Favorites. It’s a foolproof way of engaging cook and diner over a delicious culinary experience.

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11 reviews for Deliciously Holistic Cookbook

  1. Adrian Schirr

    This is everything I’ve been looking for! The ingredients are easy to find and the recipes are simple to follow. The tips at the bottom are very helpful. Every delicious meal Valerie has created aligns perfectly with what I want for my own family. I love that I don’t have to substitute for a cleaner ingredient. An added bonus: So far, everything’s been a hit at home! Even my picky eater goes for seconds. After making her flavorful turkey meatloaf, I’ll never go back to the old way. AMAZING! I can’t wait to see what Valerie comes up with next!

  2. Gabrielle

    I’m so happy to have Valerie in the kitchen with me through this cookbook! The recipes are so flavorful and I feel good knowing that I am taking care of my family by feeding them whole, REAL food! This is a must-have cookbook and I can’t wait for Valerie’s next book to come out!

  3. Penny Shults

    Deliciously Holistic is the perfect cookbook for families looking to eat well and feel energized! Valerie inspires others to enjoy cooking meals that are wholesome and delicious for the entire family!

  4. W. Burns.

    I am so happy that I purchased this cookbook! Everything that I have made so far has been delicious. I have made several batches of the Lemon Chia Seed Muffins. Even my young daughter loves these for breakfast. The Spinach Artichoke Dip was a hit at Thanksgiving. None of my family members could tell that it was a “healthy” version of the dish. I made the Delicious Daily Smoothie for the first time this morning. I was a little skeptical because of all of the veggies that I was adding to the blender, but it truly did turn out to be delicious! I recommend buying this cookbook and I am looking forward to purchasing (and using) future cookbooks from Valerie!

  5. Shaun Mccurtis

    5 star

  6. Kathleen Klein (verified owner)

    I have struggled with eating better due to a hectic schedule but this is the first book I’ve found that truly simplifies the art of eating well. Looking forward to using it as my primary tool for better health in 2020.

  7. Reb

    I love how the ingredients in Valerie’s recipes aren’t difficult to find and are oftentimes ingredients I keep in my pantry and fridge. The meals are flavorful and I feel good knowing that the food I’m making will help me with my health goals.

  8. Sharon Joachim

    I was given the Deliciously Holistic Cookbook as a gift and I love it! The ingredients are often items I already have in my cupboard, and if not, they are readily available at my local grocery store. The recipes are simple, while at the same time being special enough to serve at a dinner party! The Taste of Venice Orange Roughy, Please Eat Pot Roast, and Olive a Good Tapenade are some favorites so far, but I am sure I will discover many more! I love looking through cookbooks, and this one is beautifully illustrated! I highly recommend it.

  9. Amy Petty (verified owner)

    Deliciously Holistic is a perfect cookbook! Simple, real meals that start with simple, real ingredients. Just flipping through the recipes was a joyful experience! The layout is beautiful, easy to read and simple to follow. I started with Thanksgiving On a Tuesday and my family was hooked. Val’s Decadent Chocolate Mousse was as delicious as I had hoped and was so much kinder to my stomach than traditional dairy desserts. I can recommend this book and Valerie’s easy, no nonsense approach to healthful, mindful eating highly enough.

  10. Deb Gordinier (verified owner)

    We made the black bean brownies last week. My vegetarian daughter loved them right away. I, on the other hand, took a few days to try them. Well, because, eww … black beans aren’t chocolate. 🤷 Fast forward … They are DELICIOUS!!! I WILL ONLY EAT BLACK BEAN BROWNIES FROM HERE ON OUT!!

  11. Sandy

    This is hands down my favorite cookbook! I refer to these recipes so often that I have food stains on many of the pages. The recipes are simple to follow, very delicious, and so incredibly healthy! This book was a life changer for me!

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